NFL Players Will Never Win

Aaron Rodgers needs to win one more game to win the Super Bowl but he and his colleagues have a tougher battle ahead. In an effort to win the public response NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has announced that if the NFL owners and the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) do not come to an agreement by March when the current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) expires in March he will reduce his salary to $1. Goodell currently makes about $10 million a year including bonuses. He has also asked the compensation committee to stop his bonus payments until after a deal is reached with the NFLPA. Carl Francis, the NFLPA communications director was not impressed by Goodell’s memo; he feels like dropping his salary is irrelevant to the process and that Goodell should just make sure there won’t be a lockout. 

I believe the NFLPA is not going to come out of this situation looking great in the public eye. These are professional football players making a ton of money complaining about many things but one of the major things being a wage scale.

 The common person doesn’t want to hear about your complaints that you aren’t making enough money because they feel like NFL players are lucky to have a job in which they can make that kind of money especially in this economic climate. It also doesn’t help that players are demanding to be traded or sitting out games because they don’t like their coaches. If the common person were to go to their boss and said “Listen sir, I feel like this organization isn’t committed to doing its best and I need a new change of scenery can you please release me and send me to one of our competing companies.” He or she would likely be fired on the spot. How is the common person supposed to relate to someone who makes millions of dollars especially if the head of the league is willing to reduce his salary to $1?

God Bless and Sic Em Bears


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