If anyone has any ideas of a team I can support that isn’t named the Rangers please let me know. I have given up on the Astros, which is a surprise cause I think to myself why was I even supporting the Astros from the beginning?

No, I’m not a fairweather fan as much as I would like to I would love to have no emotional connection with this team but I do. This has always been my team from the Killer B’s to the no name Astros I have always been an Astros fan. I mean when I need to stop thinking about things I recite the 1997 team in my head: Shane Reynolds, Tim Bogar, Pat Listach, Derek Bell and so on…

I just can’t do it anymore, I look at this team and I expect them to lose. You know it’s bad when the Pirates are better than you.

Like I’ve told Janelle before, I don’t like praying about sports because there are so many bigger things in life but Lord if you are reading this please help the Astros. I don’t want you to help them win but help them to please not completely suck! I mean baseball is a religion so please help them.

I can’t quit you, Astros but I’m trying.

God Bless (the Astros) and Sic Em Bears


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