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Monday Links

I’m gonna try something new and each week post the best links. It will probably be on a Thursday from here on out but today is such a good day that I’ll start the tradition on a Monday.

ESPN: Perry Jones to Stay

Baylor Lariat write up on PJ3

Baylor adds JuCo guard

Brett Wallace gets his due

Because the NCAA is a joke

Top 10 Sports calls of all-time

I’d be upset too


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How Many Aggies Does It Take To Sign A Letter?

 Just so we’re clear there will never be anything pro-Texas A&M on here unless they willingly say that Baylor is clearly a better school. Anyways, the No. 8 prospect out of Louisiana committed to two schools yesterday, Ole Miss and A&M, real bright guy! Floyd Raven had been flip-flopping on his decision on where to sign and his mother thought he was going to Ole Miss so she took it upon herself to sign his letter of recommendation and fax it in to Houston Nutt and the Ole Miss Rebels. Floyd came home found this out told his mom that he was intending on going to A&M and fixed everything. Although this was clearly not A&M’s fault I’m going to say it was just because I don’t like the school. Hopefully when Raven’s mom sends him care packages she sends them to College Station and not Oxford.

God Bless and Sic Em Bears

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