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NCAA Title Game

Here is my quick take on the NCAA Championship Game tonight. Butler will win, again just like the NFL Playoffs, my picks have been terrible so if you are going to bet based on my opinion then you should take UConn.

Since I really tried to fill my NCAA bracket out by using pure logic and completely failed I am picking Butler for one reason alone, I like Brad Stevens and he looks like a real cool guy when he wears his glasses.

I mean look at those glasses. He looks sharp and then go and compare that to Jim Calhoun. Stevens wins by a landslide. I want to play for a guy who dresses like he coaches, sharp! There’s a reason Stevens wears those glasses though and it’s not a funny matter so don’t make fun of him. That alone is why Butler will win this game. It will not because Butler has more experience or because UConn is full of freshman.

God Bless and Sic Em Bears


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