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Never Underestimate The Heart Of A Champion

As I type this the Rockets are currently the 14th worst team in the NBA. They are last in their division with a 25-29 record something needs to be done. The past few years have seen them play mediocre basketball while trying to accumulate pieces so that they could make a big move whether it be via free agency or by a trade. I have trusted Daryl Morey and will continue to do so because he has a great mind but how long does he get before we stop thinking that he has a great mind?

During Morey’s tenure as GM the Rockets have acquired three big players Luis Scola, Kevin Martin and Ron Artest. They have also Trevor Ariza, Jordan Hill, Courtney Lee, Kyle Lowry, Brad Miller, Terrance Williams and drafted Aaron Brooks, Chase Buddinger, and Patrick Patterson. Besides those first three players do any of those moves make your jaw drop? We as fans were fed the line that those moves were made so we could acquire a superstar, well, Chris Bosh didn’t want to play here, Melo doesn’t want to play here, Chris Paul didn’t want to be traded here so we have a team full of mediocre-good hardworking players and Yao Ming, no one great. Don’t get me wrong Martin and Scola are underrated but they aren’t the type of talent that Morey has said he would deliver.

I’m ready to get back to the days when Houston was Clutch City. Those red and yellow uniforms make me long for Hakeem the Dream to be back on the block. According to Richard Justice the Rockets have made it clear that anyone on their team is on the market. So make the move Morey bring us back to prominence. Morey is seeking out Nene Hilario (that’s HILARIOUus) he’s no game changer I’d rather keep our current team. Justice also says he’s looked into Anderson Varejao (just another Scola) and Josh Smith (I’d trade for him).

Please Morey if you make a move bring CP3, Melo, or Josh Smith here. I can only dream like Hakeem.

This is my favorite Rockets memory…

This is my favorite Ron Artest Rocket memory…

God Bless and Sic Em Bears


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