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Opening Day


It’s the best day of the year, better than Christmas, my birthday and even your birthday. It’s Opening Day for MLB. One would think that you can’t mess opening day up but one would be completely wrong, this is Bud Selig we are talking about, the man messed up an All-Star game. Opening Day 2011 should be titled Opening Day 2011 Part 1 and Part 2 or Opening Days 2011. Selig decided this year to start the season earlier so he gave teams the option to choose rather they wanted to play Thursday or Saturday. Most teams chose Friday but a few chose Thursday because of projected weather conditions on Friday. 

This doesn’t make any sense to me why wouldn’t Selig have all of the teams start on the same day? From a PR perspective I think having every team start on the same day would only strengthen the game. A day full of baseball games where all of your stars can shine only makes things better for the league it doesn’t hurt it.

Not putting all the games on the same day only weakens the product. Let me make one thing clear baseball is going to be fine; this is just a minor thing but why not start the season off well. What’s beautiful about opening day is that every team has a chance. There’s a belief that this could be your season.

Baseball used to be America’s sport but football has taken over that title. The NFL is potentially facing a shortened season and it looks like the NBA is going the same way, this could have been baseball’s chance to become the national pastime once more.  This was baseballs chance to win their season. They blew it.




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