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Actions > Words

Last week Michael Vick cancelled his appearance on Oprah that was supposed to happen Thursday, Feb. 24 but no one besides Vick, his camp and perhaps Oprah know why.

Rumors have flown around about why such as the Eagles didn’t want him to do it and he was scared of meeting the owners of his former dogs. Make no mistake; what Vick did was inexcusable, stupid, inhumane and sadistic. I don’t even like dogs and I feel this way so I know that dog lovers feel even more passionate about it but the man was punished and has paid his dues to society. So was Vick cancelling his appearance on Oprah a good or bad pr move?

I have gone back and forth about what I think about his decision and at first I thought that it was a foolish mistake. Vick has made it back to the NFL and won over some fans but not all such as Mark Buehrle. I would guess that he has also not made fans of a lot of non-football fans. Why wouldn’t a man who has lost so many fans go on Oprah and try to gain some of them back specifically women? I thought the same thing about Tiger Woods.

However, while thinking about it over the weekend I decided that cancelling his appearance was the best decision Vick could have made. Why? Because why go on a show that you aren’t prepared for, where one slip of the tongue, one defense of himself, one question that he tried to get out of would make him look bad and damage the image he has worked so hard to rebuild? Oprah and Piers Morgan from CNN made a bet in jest it seemed like to see who could get Vick on first and Oprah won but why even do this? Has Vick not answered enough questions? Was Oprah going to ask tougher questions? Vick is still in the process of rebuilding his image and his brand so I don’t blame him for cancelling his appearance especially if he wasn’t ready to face those things.

Things could have gone bad, Oprah could have brought one of Vick’s former dogs on or the audience could have been less than their usual peaceful selves. People are very passionate about their dogs so what if someone just lost it?

Do I feel that Vick is truly remorseful about what he has done? Yes, but I clearly don’t know the guy so I can only go by what I have seen. He has partnered with the humane society to speak out against dog fighting and regularly speaks to kids about it. Vick has been willing to speak about his errors so this once I’ll give him a pass.

Vick will have to face his demons, time will come for him to do it but until then I hope that he can stay on the path he seems to be on now and provide hope to do those who need a second chance.

Sometimes actions are louder than words.

God Bless and Sic Em Bears


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