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Goodbye Andy Pettitte

Since Andy Pettitte is the NL Pitcher of the Month in our banner I figured it only made sense to pay respect to him on the day that ESPN is saying he will retire.

To me Pettitte will always be remembered as an integral member in bringing the Astros to their only World Series in 2005. Pettitte, Roger Clemens and Roy Oswalt were the big 3 before Halladay, Oswalt and Cole Hammels and because of that he will always have a place in my heart. To everyone else Pettitte is the most winningest pitcher ever during the playoffs; he has won 19 playoff games and it seems that every win was a big one, one the Yankees or Astros needed to gain momentum or close a series. He’s No. 55 in total wins (240) and No. 12 in total wins by a left-hander. He is a 3x All-Star, the 2001 ALCS MVP, and a 5x World Series Champion, the number that matters the most.

To Clemens, he hopes Pettitte misremembers but hey, who knows?

Thank you Andy Pettitte for being a winner!

God Bless and Sic Em Bears


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