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Black or Green and Yellow

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I really don’t know who’s gonna win the Super Bowl and if you are looking to me so you can bet than you should pick whoever I don’t because I’ve only picked two games right this whole playoffs. It hurt me to say that more than it hurt every Aggie watch Baylor win that game today.

First, it’s gonna be a great game because these two teams are great teams (kinda makes sense huh?) Here is how hard it has been for me to pick a team to win:

  • They both wear yellow so I can’t pick off color but I could say that green and yellow is closer to Baylor than black and yellow is but the Steelers have recruited more Baylor players than anyone in the league so that’s a tie.
  • Steel is stronger than cheese but cheese taste better so that’s a tie.
  • They are both in cold weather cities so that’s like -1 for both teams.
  • B.J. Raji did a hula dance when he scored two weeks ago +1.
  • Heinz Ward smiles a lot so how can you not like him +1.

See based on that logic they’re still tied and since the game can’t end in a tie I have to pick one. So as much as I want the Packers to win I think the Steelers will because they have fewer holes than the Packers do. Make no mistake about experience will play a role in this game and that’s something the Steelers have and the Packers don’t. If you don’t think Aaron Rodgers will be a bit nervous in his first Super Bowl you don’t know NFL QB’s. He can ask Big Ben about Super Bowl nerves because he stunk it up in his first Super Bowl but he has the ring to show he’s a champ. The Packers also don’t have the run game that the Steelers have so if they do get ahead they are going to have to throw the ball more than they run it to keep the clock moving which doesn’t work so well. The other thing the Packers don’t have is Troy Polamalu, he’s a gamechanger. The guy can straight up ball and he has long hair so that seals it for me.

Steelers win 31-24. Pick the Packers then.

God Bless and Sic Em Bears


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